What is Pokémon Quest?

What is Pokémon Quest? The family grows with Pokémon Quest, the last game that has reached the Nintendo Switch and our phones. Pikachu, Squirted, Charm Ander and the others come back to give us a lot of hours of fun in this RPG.
We talked to you recently about the evolution of Pokémon Go! And today we tell you all the details of the new Pokémon Quest. What are you waiting for to make you all? Pokémon Quest is an RPG, with a nice Cubist and retro aesthetic, very colorful as usual and reminiscent of Japanese classic RPGs. In this case, our scenario is Isla Rodacubo, where we will begin our adventure by choosing the initial Pokémon that will accompany us.
Choose it very well, because it will be the one that begins to fight with other Pokémon that inhabit the island and, according to which we select, it will have some combat abilities or others.
The mechanics of this game is super simple! As always in the saga, the goal of Pokémon Quest is to catch new Pokémon, evolving the ones you have to make them more powerful and trying to capture or attract the most rare and legendary specimens.
For this, we will go through scenarios of the island where our initial Pokémon will overcome waves of enemies, until facing a more powerful Pokémon. Those enemies will give us ingredients and Stones P of power.
When we have more Pokémon, they will form a group of up to 3 and we can use their different abilities.
Battles, recipes and stones P In Pokémon Quest the combat system is very different from other mobile game app developmentin the series. During the game, each Pokémon that we have selected will have two attacks. These can be very different, from remote attacks to more defensive movements.
But they are not the only ones, our Pokémon can be trained to learn new attacks and, of course, we can evolve them to be more powerful.
That's where the recipes come in and the P stones, or power stones. When we eliminate enemies, they will drop ingredients that we can mix to make food recipes. There are common ingredients and other rarer ones. Depending on the mix and the rarity, we will make food dishes that will attract new Pokémon, which can also be common, rare or legendary.
In Pokémon Quest we can also evolve those we already have, attracting more of the same species and using Stones P, or Stones of Power.
These stones are obtained, above all, as a reward for having passed a level. They can be equipped in our Pokémon and, depending on the type of stone, will improve some characteristics or others, such as health, damage, etc.

Cheats for Pokémon Quest To make progress faster in Pokémon Quest, here are some tricks: • Remember to enter every day and complete the deeds. Pokémon Quest provides daily challenges. Some are very easy, so, even if you do not have much time, enter a moment, because a few can be completed very quickly. If not, at least collect the daily reward you get for entering the game.
• Mix offensive and defensive Pokémon in your team. Always choose one with many health points, make "tank" in the group and survive even the toughest bosses.
• Sharing stones increase the statistics of the team, load at least one Pokémon with them so that all the team benefits.
• Look at the bingo bonus of each Pokémon. There are some specimens that do not look like much at first, but if you activate your bonus bingo (by aligning three P stones in a row) you can make that Pokémon much more powerful than it looked.
• The color and texture of the recipes influence the Pokémon you attract. Many ingredients of a color will attract Pokémon of that color. The texture also influences, so if you want chunky Pokémon like Pikachu, use equally soft ingredients.
Pokémon Quest has come with force to our mobiles, giving us new hours and hours of fun in our favorite universe, so you already know: Get everyone!

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